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These water heaters have insulated storage tanks which can hold hot water in them. When the heater is switched on, the water in the tank is maintained at a particular temperature. Thus, you can obtain constant flow of hot water until the water in the tank is almost over.

Whirlflow Technology

Using the superior Whirlflow technology of water of water inlet, Usha water heaters ensures minimum contact of hot and cold water. This provides faster heating and energy efficiency resulting in efficient operation and lesser power consumption and reduced overall usage cost.

Incoloy 800 Heating Element

The Incoloy 800 heating element not only ensures superior performance but also provides excellent corrosion resistance and thus ensures longer usage life. The heating element used in all Usha water heaters are of superior quality and comes with a warranty of 3 years.

Blue Sapphire Coating

Usha water heaters are coated with Blue Sapphire glass lined coating on the inner surface of the storage tank and the heating element which not only provides a tremendous resistance against corrosion but also prolongs the life of the water tank. These along with the high magnesium concentrate anode rod achieves super durability by protecting against corrosion and electrochemical reactions.

6 Level Safety

With circuit breakers, leakage protectors and safety valves incorporated in the design, our storage water heaters reach the highest safety standards. These safety features provide protection against dry heating, over-temperature, over-pressure and different kinds of electricity leakage. The electrical parts in Usha water heaters are also protected from water seepage with an IPX4 level of protection.