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Instant Water Heater

These water heaters are perfect for addressing the need for immediate warm water. These water heaters are more energy efficient and heat water only when it is needed. Normally, one buys instant heaters for small uses like wash basins and kitchen sinks

Why Instant Water Heater

  • Energy efficient
  • Instant hot water
  • Compact design



Designed to cater to the specific conditions of a high-rise building

Can handle water pressure up to 10 Bar (1 MPa)


Triple protection against water heating

Thermostat, Thermal cut-off and Brass fusible provides three layers of protection against water heating


Weather-proof and leak-proof

Single-weld water body tank and IPX4 level of protection from water seepages


Protection against Hard water

Heavy duty magnesium anode rod to protect against hard water


10 year warranty

10 years of corrosion warranty on the tank


Designed keeping modern décor in mind, the Instafresh range of water heaters come in a wide variety of colours and designs balanced with great functionality. This makes Instafresh a great choice for your waterr heating needs.


Instano is specifically designed to cater to the specific conditions of a high-rise building. This device is especially built to perform regardless of varying water pressures. It can withstand upto 6.5 Bar of pressure. In addition to that, it is weather-proof and leak-proof. Its elegant aesthetics makes it just the right pick for you.