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Storage Water Heater

These water heaters have insulated storage tanks which can hold hot water in them. When the heater is switched on, the water in the tank is maintained at a particular temperature. Thus you can obtain constant flow of hot water until the water in the tank is almost over.

Why Storage Water Heater

  • Optimum for showers
  • Maintain warm water for long period of time
  • Perfect for large families

Aqua Genie

Aquagenie storage water heater combines form with function. As elegant as it is powerful, Aquagenie offers great features such as ELCB, high-grade superior PUF insulation, dry heating protection as well as the ability to withstand high pressure. Whirlflow technology results in faster heating and greater energy savings, while its beautiful aesthetics will surely brighten your space. Safe and efficient, it is just what you need!


A classic design, Misty storage water heaters will blend in and enhance your space. Plus their powered packed performance, thanks to superior high-grade PUF insulation and super silent copper heating element, only adds to the pleasure of using them


Quado is built to deliver, thanks to its high-power input, high quality heating element, dry heating protection as well as a high-grade thermostat. Plus, its minimalistic but beautiful design makes it a great fit for your space. Equipped with 5 best-in-class safety features, Quado is a perfect combination of utility, elegance and safety.

Verve Digital

Verve Digital has been designed keeping your convenience in mind. It comes with a remote control and a Preset Timer Mode, to give you complete control. Its Eco Mode enables cyclic heating over a period of 24 hours for maximum efficiency and use.